We are a personalized medical record technology that allows your healthcare providers to directly share medical records and history with YOU



Rachel Fogel Founder

Rachel holds a Master of Public Health from George Washington University and a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University. She has worked with startups and cutting-edge technologies since 2014. As a veteran of the Israel Defence Forces, she is a rock-star problem solver. Dr. Prx is the solution that has always vexed Rachel- personalized medical records.

Gal Eldor Head of Marketing

Gal is a veteran of an intelligence unit in the Israel Defence Forces. He has vast experience in startups, data management, and content. He is a marketing and publicity guru.

Yoni Greenberg Electronic Medical Records Advisor

Yoni is currently the Clinical Research Coordinator in Mount Sinai's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. He is passionate about using electronic records to find a cure for Alzheimer's.

Rebecca Bandler, BA, BSN, RN, CEN Emergency Medical Advisor

Rebecca is a certified Emergency Room Nurse. She has worked for New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist and Mount Sinai St. Luke's. She is fluent in three Electronic Medical Record Languages.

Ira Miller Technical Advisor

Ira Miller is the Founder of Guld. Technical Advisor to TigoCTM, Dash, Bitt and more fantastic projects. Ira has founded many technology startups, and he has lately been focused on the blockchain sector. In 2012, Ira co-founded the global payment processor Coinapult, selling the company in 2015 to pursue open source collaborative projects through the Guld.

Cindy Zimmerman Security Advisor

Cindy has a masters degree in Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity. In 2012, she was the second employee at Bitcoin exchange Coinapult, and managed the technical team there until leaving to found TigoCTM in 2014.